Dr. Allana was born and raised in a small East Texas town by the name of Fruitvale. From the time she was 5 years old she has been seeing a Chiropractor.  She was homeschooled until her sophomore year of high school. She did her undergraduate studies at Texas State University, earning a Bachelors in Exercise and Sports Science with a minor in Biology. She went on to attend Parker University where she received her Doctor of Chiropractic with a Bachelors degree in Anatomy and a Bachelors degree in Health and Wellness. Dr. Allana is also Webster certified, and NBCE Acupuncture Certified. 

She is beyond grateful that she grew up with a holistically minded mother who always tried the natural route before turning to other things. She knew she wanted to go into the healthcare field because she had a deep desire to teach people how to live healthy lifestyles and properly fuel the bodies God gave them. But it was not until her senior year of college that she knew she wanted to be a Chiropractor. The little spark of interest she had was ignited to a full burning wildfire once she began learning about how incredible God designed the body and what it is capable of. Little did she know the depth of which He would bless her through Chiropractic school, it was there that she met the man she now gets to call her husband, Dr. Niraj Patel. One thing she has learned through the process, is that God is faithful and He is good. 

Educating families on how incredibly perfect and beautiful God made the body is the passion that drives her forward. 

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Many people give up or settle due to a lack of knowledge. That is upsetting, given that the knowledge is out there it is just not broadcasted on the mainstream health care front. Not yet anyways. For now the holistic approach to health will often get you funny looks in return, people will think you are crazy.  But it is only a matter of time, the research coming out on the way we approach our health is fascinating. It is disproving what we have been doing for years, it is exciting and full of hope for the future. That is why she is making it her passion to be one of the leading doctors in this new approach.

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Born and raised in Lubbock, Tx, Dr. Niraj Patel is no stranger to the area.  He went to school at Lubbock Christian School, graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Health, Exercise and Sports Sciences from Texas Tech University, and continued on to chiropractic school at Parker University in Dallas earning his Doctorate in December 2016.  

Dr. Niraj developed a passion for health and wellness after starting CrossFit in 2009.  Seeing the changes members at his gym were making to live a healthy lifestyle drew him to the practice of Chiropractic.  

Dr. Niraj is a firm believer in health being a choice.  Whether it is muscle aches or pain, or general health concerns Dr. Niraj wants to give his patients the option to choose a healthier lifestyle and the associated benefits.  

To see Dr. Niraj's hours click here and to schedule with him email us at or call 806-577-5329. He will start accepting new patients the first Saturday in August.