~ Rae B.

I originally came to see Dr. Allana for an adjustment for my back being out of alignment. I discussed with her, other health concerns I had at the time. She gave me a regimen and six weeks later, I’m sleeping through the night, for the first time in my life. I’ve also been cleared from all but one of my other medical concerns, with perfect labs. I cannot speak higher of her practice and thoroughness. I’ve never felt this well and continue to feel better everyday.

- Rae B.

~ Suzanne P.

I am a two time breast cancer survivor and nearly 4 years ago I underwent a major surgery that left me with constant pain from nerve damage. I met with Dr. Allana and she thoroughly went over my medical history and discussed the plan of action. After just a few accupuncture treatments and steps to breakup scar tissue, I began to feel relief that I had not felt in years! I had tried many other treatments but really wanted something more holistic that addressed the pain and not just masked it. Dr. Allana's treatment was exactly what I needed. I am so grateful for the treatment and care I've received.

Suzanne P. 

~ Brynn W.

My experience at Wisdom & Truth Wellness was life changing and got my health back up on its feet. I have a gluten sensitivity and was always stuck with a stomach ache. I suffered from horrible asthma attacks that would wake me up at night. Dr. Allana was comforting, confident, and willing to do whatever until my symptoms were gone. I am no longer using any inhalers nor suffering from stomach aches.

Brynn W.

~ Drew W.

Since I can remember I’ve had trouble with my stomach. I would always have discomfort and pain regardless of the food I ate, and it would affect my focus in class to the point where I wasn’t paying attention or would leave. Working with Dr. Patel on my stomach biome has completely turned around how my stomach feels on a daily basis. After using the supplements she recommended, I can now eat what I want without the fear of pain or uneasiness. I will definitely consult with her in the future for all of my problems and issues!

Drew W.


~ Jillian P. 

The first time I met with Dr. Allana we only did a consultation, but I’ve never had such a satisfying conversation with a health professional over what was going on with my body. She was very thorough and caring. I initially went to her for adjustments, but through the consultation learned she did acupuncture as well. I had a more pressing problem with both of my wrists, having sharp pains that occasionally were so bad they shot up my arm into my shoulders. I was dealing with this come-and-go pain for almost two years, it was becoming very crippling. Dr. Allana felt very confident that acupuncture would help. I felt very skeptical because I didn’t understanding why it would. We did three sessions in two weeks about three months ago and even with a job where I use my hands and arms all day I haven’t had any problems since treatment. I still don’t understand why it works but I’m totally sold on acupuncture. Dr. Allana is a lovely person, I’ve gained a lot of trust for her and since then, I've been going for adjustments. 


I was so fortunate and blessed to find Dr. Allana! She is very compassionate, knowledgeable and will take the time with you to discover the very best holistic care for your needs. Her methods are gentle and effective. She is always seeking further education to find the very best and effective options for her clients. I would encourage folks to have a consultation with her before committing to harsh drugs and invasive procedures. I promise she will be a blessing to you!

~ Donna W.